About Us

Founded in 1994 by Dr. Steven Schultz, Health One offers comprehensive medical weight management programs and meal replacement products. 


We dedicated our early years to research and development, creating a product that passed the rigorous expectations of the scientific community. Tapping into the expertise of our expanded health team, we developed a curriculum and support services that help participants achieve and maintain their weight loss goals.


In an industry full of options, Health One is first and foremost a service company. We provide you with what it takes to successfully support the REAL needs of those desiring weight loss as well as YOUR operational and business needs. 

Mission Vision Values

At Health One
We offer tremendous flexibility and creative support to make one of the most complex health challenges more achievable for your participants.
Our success is based on the following values:
Strong Science . Excellent service . Evidence Based Practice . High Quality Ingredients . Long Term Commitment to Successful Weight Management.
Health One's Mission
Support healthcare providers in delivering lifestyle-based weight management solutions that positively impact the lives of their clients and overall health of their communities.
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