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HNT Case Study: Starting Point At Healthpoint Fitness Centers, Southeast Health

Quick Stats:

  • Locations: Cape Girardeau, MO and Jackson, MO
  • Membership: HealthPoint in Cape Girardeau: 4200 members, HealthPoint in Jackson: 1500 members
  • Program Started: October, 2004
  • Participants to date: Approximately 1000 people

Health Outcomes:

Reduction in BMI:

6.5 points
Reduction in Total Cholesterol (mg/dl):

29.6 points
Reduction in Triglyceride Levels:

56.5 points
Reduction in Fasting Blood Glucose levels:

18 points

Program Participants use the facilities, including:

The café for Health One shakes

The pools for water based exercise

The fitness floor for a variety of exercise, group exercise classes

The Fitness staff for personal training sessions

HealthPoint offers a limited, full access membership during the Starting Point Foundation phase as part of the program fee, but many go on to join the facility and purchase personal training packages after that.

The Program has a positive impact on the greater community:

“We have become THE community resource for weight management. Community physicians regularly refer their patients to us. We have had many articles written about our program in community publications and have had many community and civic leaders experience great success as participants in our program.  I am frequently asked to give seminars on health and nutrition in the area and have the opportunity to promote our Fitness Centers’ services at those venues.”

– Raina Childers-Richmond, MS, RD, LD, CHC  Program Director

Hospital Administration recognizes the Program’s value:

“Our program has incredible support from our health systems’ administration. Our current CEO and several Vice-Presidents have been successful participants themselves. They feel that the program is overwhelmingly consistent with our Mission Statement, a valuable service to our surrounding communities, and an important revenue center for our organization.”

– Jack Hembree, Operations Director

The Program Integrates Service Lines:

“The program has taken our facility’s numerous services and connected them in a way that provides a comprehensive, medically sound, up to date bariatric service line. Integration of the hospital and primary care side of health care to the Wellness and Fitness side of care has been such a great fit.”

– Raina Childers-Richmond, MS, RD, LD, CHC  Program Director

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