Health One is a low-calorie, high quality meal replacement. Simply put, it is designed to replace a higher calorie meal while providing balanced nutrition. What sets Health One apart is that it isn’t just a shake; it’s also designed to be cooked with. Using the Health One meal replacement as a base, you can add low-calorie ingredients like herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables to make a fresh and tasty meal just for you- though your family might want a bite!

Sample uses:

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Used as the Base of a Healthy Meal
Throughout the program, you’ll learn healthy cooking and eating- skills that help you maintain your weight loss goals for life. You can use Health One in hundreds of recipes to create variety in your meals. No other meal replacement available has the same versatility. From the first day on the program, you’ll learn how to incorporate Health One into your meal planning and preparation. This provides the support and tools needed for success, while preparing you for your eventual transition back to the grocery store food.

Wholesome and Versatile
Health One is filling and wholesome. Every serving provides your body with balanced nutrition- the vitamins and minerals needed for optimal functioning. You can select among 4 flavors: Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and creamy potato soup. Click here to see recipes samples.

Product Traits:
Each individual meal contains:

Our program is designed to be medically supervised, and our product is only available through health professionals and through our programs.

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“Health One meal replacements are a tool that provides structure while working on the bigger issues.”

Raina, Registered Dietitian, Cape Girardeau, MO