The goal of our weight management program is to teach you the skills to develop a healthy lifestyle and to coach you while practicing these skills. In a supportive setting, you’ll focus on mastering four essential skill-sets:


Environment Management

Physical Activity


Behavior Change

Personal and professional coaching is fundamental to our program. Accountability is at the core of the participant-coach relationship. You’re required to attend weekly behavior change classes, keep records and check in with the coach between classes. It is this high level of contact with your coach that makes this program unique.

You will be part of a community that will help to motivate you. When you are ready to choose change, to learn new health behaviors to keep for life, we’ll be ready alongside you.


HNT’s long-term approach is broken down into two phases:


20 weeks, weekly skill-building classes


Weekly sessions to master skills and sustain new healthy lifestyle (we recommend at least one year post weight loss)