Health ONe

Meal Replacement

◦ Strawberry ◦ Chocolate ◦ Vanilla ◦ Potato Blend ◦ Pancake Baking Mix

Health One is a low-calorie, complete meal replacement. It was originally developed to provide a safe and effective weight loss option for individuals with type 2 diabetes. Since then, it has been successfully used across the United States in healthcare settings to help the general population lose weight and maintain weight loss and improved health.

Health One is both simple and versatile. The product can be prepared as a simple shake or transformed into healthy soups, baked items or pan-cooked dishes. Low-calorie additives like herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables can be easily incorporated. This versatility encourages meal planning and healthy cooking skills, easing the transition back to “grocery store” foods.



The product is available in five flavors: