Health One is a low-calorie complete meal replacement. It was originally developed in 1994 to provide safe and effective weight loss to the rapidly growing population of Type 2 diabetics. Since then, it has been used across the United States in medical settings to help the general population of overweight and obese patients lose weight and maintain weight loss.

It is generally accepted that weight losses of 5% or more are associated with improved metabolic parameters. In a large study, patients using Health One who lost 11.5% of their weight in 12 weeks showed significant decreases in glucose and triglycerides and increases in HDL after 1-year when compared to controls.1 Our partner clinical programs report similar changes in glucose, triglycerides, and HDL, plus major reductions in total cholesterol (17%) and in blood pressure following weight loss.2

Health One is both simple and versatile. The product can be prepared as a simple shake or transformed into healthy soups, baked or pan fried dishes. Low-calorie additives like herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables can be easily incorporated. This versatility allows health educators to model meal planning and healthy cooking skills throughout the program, easing transition back to “grocery store foods”.

Product Traits

Each individual meal replacement contains:

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11.9 Months is the average time that people spend in Practice (maintenance phase)