why partner with us

Throughout the nation, obesity is on the rise. Hospitals and clinics are faced with a growing number of patients who need to lose weight or face serious medical complications. Medical Providers need a full spectrum of treatment options.

Neither individual counseling nor surgery will be right for everyone who comes through your doors. Do you have a safe and effective weight management program in place?

Partnering with HNT gives you:

  • Specialization. You need specialty care in-house for weight management. Most physicians and medical practitioners don’t have the time or expertise to counsel patients in weight management. You may be losing patients unnecessarily to commercial programs or competitors.
  • Material Advantage. Why create a program from scratch?  We continually develop our curriculum according to current research as well as practical experience from our network of partner programs across the country.  It is the culmination of over 20 years of weight management practice.
  • Ownership. We understand that it is YOUR PROGRAM. We offer a model that is highly customizable and help tailor it to your unique environment. You should have the ability to name your program without reference to us, to order the product you need (no minimums) and to make the business decisions you need to make. We are here to assist and support; not to mandate.
  • Control. The only place your patients can purchase Health One MRs is through you. We don’t sell online. This ensures accountability and that revenues go to you.
  • Reliability. We are an old-fashioned company that believes in customer service. We answer our phone calls and emails promptly.