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Health One is a team of professionals and the creators of comprehensive health improvement solutions. Let us help you create the programs that best meet the needs of your community and organization.

Meal Replacement

Health One is a low-calorie, complete meal replacement product used across the United States in healthcare settings to help the general population improve their health through weight management.


We are dedicated to providing programs that are designed using evidence-based approaches for a variety of populations seeking health improvement. Partnering with us gives you valuable resources for establishing impactful service lines quickly and effectively.

Complete Nutrition

Our Health One meal replacements provide optimal nutrition for calorie reduction.

Validated by years of research.

Healthy Habits, Healthy Living

Our programs guide participants in creating lifestyle routines that impact the quality of their daily lives.

Dedicated Team

Our highly attentive team provides ongoing support and extensive training.


Health One

Provides comprehensive lifestyle coaching, nutrition and support to help individuals achieve and maintain health improvement. We take a balanced approach by applying evidence-based practices. Our focus is on long-term success: we strive to keep participants engaged over time. Working with Health One partners can be the change that sparks a person’s success.


At Health One

We offer tremendous flexibility and creative support to make one of the most complex health challenges more achievable for your participants.

Health One’s Mission

Strong Science. Excellent service. Evidence based Practice. High quality ingredients. Long term Commitment to Successful Health Improvements.

Our Success is based on the following values: 

Support healthcare providers in delivering lifestyle-based health management solutions that positively impact the lives of their clients and overall health of their communities.

About Us


Research Backed Nutrition

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Don't take our word for it

Working with hundreds of clients over the years with Health One products and programs has been the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences of my career, both personally and professionally.

Health One is a quality meal replacement product: easy to use in a multitude of recipes, tasty, and full of the nutrients we need at only 160 calories a packet.

The meal replacements make all the difference, keeping my hunger at bay while learning how to make better choices about what food to put in my mouth.

Working with coaches in weight loss programs that used Health One has made a huge impact on my health. Each instructor has been informative, fun, and caring — helping to make the hard work of losing weight (and keeping it off!) a little bit easier.

I am currently on anti-obesity medication and am working with a dietician to help me make better choices — healthy choices — about my food intake. The Health One product has been a great source of nutrition during this time. I know that I’m getting the vitamins, minerals, fluid, and protein I need when I drink a shake or add the product to a large tumbler of coffee or hot water.


Meal Replacements Consumed

Average % Body Weight Lost


Simple + Versatile

From powder to plate, Health One offers unparalleled versatility and nutrition, offering the perfect balance of flavor and nutrients. Experience the freedom to create endless culinary creations with Health One by your side.

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Long-Term Success

Taking control of personal health is one of the most rewarding and challenging things an individual can do.

But it CAN happen.

How do we help those incredible people maintain that success? Through shared commitment, ongoing support, extended engagement, and new habit formation. Our programs are designed to provide ongoing collaborative relationships to those who want THIS TIME to be different.


Complete Nutrition

Health One is formulated to provide all the essential nutrients your body needs, ensuring you stay healthy while achieving your weight loss goals.